Sunday, September 14, 2014


This painting was inspired by a photo taken somewhere in south eastern Ohio in the early 1990's.

Yellow Sky

Sunday, September 7, 2014


At least it is in this Sunday's Barn of the Week, an acrylic on 24x30 gallery wrapped canvas.

It's Snowing

This painting is available - $900.00 (includes S&H)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ode to a Dog Show

Patience and young Swede William
This Labor Day Weekend I joined Patience and our waggle of whippets on the maiden trip in our motor home to the dog shows in Amana, Iowa.  The experience reminded me of something I wrote after my last dog show - the Eastern Specialties in Atlanta GA in 2005.

Ode to a Dog Show

 Here I sit, pen in hand
Somewhere in Atlanta land

Looking at this page with dread
Just as empty as my head

Dogs and people prancing ‘round
One’s a canine, one’s a clown

All their faces etched with hope
Until they hear the judge’s “nope”

Which quickly sends them on their way
…but tomorrow is another day, and

all the nopes can’t dash the hopes

Atlanta, Sept. 05

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Faith allows us to embrace what evidence cannot provide.  Faith (religion) can give us a belief; evidence (science) gives us facts.  No judgment is implied in this statement.

Faith that is rigid and strictly defined by sacred texts, by its own definition, cannot be open to new knowledge and is obligated to reject anything that contradicts the texts upon which it is based.  The faithful are convinced that they have the only real truth about our world and will not accept any other views.

Science questions what it knows and looks for contradictions that it must prove or disprove, and is willing to adjust its conclusions according to the evidence.  “Authority” is constantly tested.

There is another “type” of faith, one where sacred texts are used to find meaning and inspiration about life, and not as a source of absolute truths, often reinforced by personal spiritual or transcendent experiences.  The faithful seek a relationship with a God they know, (or hope) is there, with complete love and commitment.  They are willing to acknowledge that others may find this God in other ways.

Regardless of how one approaches this notion of faith, it remains a personal belief system and not one to be imposed on anyone else.  If there is a caring, loving Supreme Being, then there must be room in His tent for everyone.  To deny that it to limit Him with our human frailties’ and fears.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This painting is in my photo file twice, once as Crazy Sky, and again as Storm Front.  Coming up with titles for my paintings is becoming a real chore.

Crazy Sky
Acrylic 16x40

Saturday, August 23, 2014


How grateful I am to be able to say that about myself.  It has been a privilege to live a life of my own design, to choose the work I felt called to do, and pursue it, unfettered by outside demands.  Some consider the choices I've made courageous, and others think them foolish; I see them as neither.  I can take no credit for being brave or wise; I was simply doing what I was meant to do.  The seeds that grew the temperament needed for me to make these decisions were sown at my conception and lovingly nurtured by parents.  All that remained for me to do was take advantage of what had been given to me.

Thursday, August 21, 2014



I don’t remember what prompted it, but my dear sweet wife looked me directly in the eyes and said, “You’re a friggin Pollyanna”. (She has such a way with words.)  And as many of us know, Patience is always right.  I freely admit it.  As my wife so eloquently pointed out, I look at the world through rose-colored glasses.  

I guess I have always been a Pollyanna.  The few times I’ve tried to change have never been successful.  So I happily accept my lot, and in fact, am quite proud of it. Admittedly, there is always the risk of being disappointed and/or deceived by people or circumstances, however the advantages more than make up for the occasional slights.

I think Pollyannas are generally happier than others because they usually find the good in people and circumstances, giving them a measure of enjoyment the non-Pollyanna might miss.  And Pollyannas are fun to be around; they cast a positive light on everything, even if it is not entirely warranted. 

Only as a Pollyanna could I have left my medical practice to be an artist, and 12 years later at age 53, open a medical practice in the barn on our farm.  And only a Pollyanna could pick up and move 900 miles from family and friends to be part of an artist relocation program that had nothing to offer but hope.  My rose colored glasses have served me quite well and I have no intention of taking them off.

My art reflects the world I see through these glasses.

In The Light   Pastel