Thursday, March 26, 2015

The daily dose of art MORE FAVORITES

It is harder for me to select an absolute favorite of my watercolors, the best I can do is select 4 or 5 that I am particularly fond of.  The two shown here were created specifically to be printed, and each measured approximately 12-16 x45".

St. Michaels

A Philadelphia Skyline

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3-23-15 Farfalle with mushrooms, peas, and asparagus in a lemon sauce

3-23-15    Farfalle with mushrooms, peas, and asparagus in a lemon sauce

 This is simple to prepare and delightful to eat.


Farfalle or other shaped pasta
Mixed mushrooms
Frozen peas
Chicken broth
Olive oil
Garlic, onion
Basil – fresh or frozen (Dorot brand frozen cubes, available at Midtown Market)
Lemon juice and/or zest
Grana Padana cheese
Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes


Cook the mushrooms with garlic and onions in olive oil over medium-high heat until juices are released and before they begin to brown.  Lower the heat and add the seasoning and the asparagus and cook uncovered for about 5 minutes, then add the broth – about one third to one half a cup and bring to a boil.  Add the peas and lemon juice and simmer while waiting for the pasta to cook.

Add the pasta to the pan, mix well and simmer for another 2 minutes before serving, topped with grated cheese.


The sauce can be loose or thick, depending on the amount of broth used and the time it simmers uncovered.  This is a very flexible recipe; there is no right or wrong way to prepare this.

I think the next time I prepare this I might add just a dollop of Mascarpone cheese before adding the pasta.

The daily dose of art MY FAVORITES

It is not easy picking a favorite piece out of so many paintings, but I'm going to try, selecting what I consider my best 2-3 paintings from the different mediums, starting with works on canvas.

The Gate  acrylic on canvas  36x36
I think this is the best landscape I've done.  Everything in it - the colors, the light, and the mood - works together.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The daily dose of art THE SKETCHBOOK

Another day in the past, at least for the next few minutes.

 Another horse show

 Between flights

Trinity church - Boston

Monday, March 23, 2015

The daily dose of art FROM THE SKETCHBOOK

It is amazing what you can find in an old sketchbook.

 An exercise in learning shadows

 A quick line drawing

Mindless ramblings

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The daily dose of art A PEN HAS DIED

Sadly, even the felt tip pen doesn't last forever, and the pens that served me so well during the ER days has a life span shorter than usual because they worked overtime - on the spot sketched, doodling, writing, and a generous  share of mindless scribbling.