Monday, August 24, 2015



Cooking tonight’s dinner was pure pleasure.  It began with a simple idea to utilize the veggies in the fridge, and evolved on the stovetop. 

The plan was rather simple.  The day began with asparagus, fresh Roma tomatoes, and chicken breasts that had to be used.  At the market I picked up some Leeks and Shiitake mushrooms, imagining them cooked with the chicken and asparagus in a light fresh tomato sauce, served over pasta or rice.

I started by cooking the mushrooms, leek, and a clove of garlic, in olive oil over moderately high heat.   I removed them when they started to brown and set them aside.  In the same skillet I browned the chicken in hot olive oil and cooked sit until it was not quite finished.  After deglazing the pan with Sweet Vermouth I set the chicken aside (next to the mushrooms).  Next up -  I began cooking the Asparagus, cut into 1” pieces, along with the coarsely chopped tomatoes and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes and fresh basil leaves.  After 10-15 minutes I added the mushrooms and chicken, now cut into bite sized pieces, to the pan and let everything simmer over low heat.  Somewhere along this process I decided I would serve this on a bed of rice, and not pasta.

Watching it simmer It occurred to me that it needed some of Emeril’s “Bam”, so I added shrimp – cooked, peeled, and frozen - to the pan.  The final inspiration was  to add some Old Bay seasoning and top everything with thin slices of lemon.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Midtown Market Dinner - Pasta w Shiitake mushrooms & Asparagus

8-7-15   Lemon dill Fettuccine w Shiitaki mushrooms and Asparagus


INGREDIENTS:  All ingredients from MTM
1.     Al dente fettuccine
2.     Shitake mushrooms
3.     Asparagus
4.     Black olives sliced
5.     Olive oil
6.     Shallots
7.     Garlic ( I used Dorot’s frozen crushed garlic cubes and dill available at Midtown Mkt.)
8.     Dill
9.     Fresh lemon juice


Saute the mushrooms and shallots in olive oil, with garlic and dill.  Cook for  about 5 minutes before adding the Asparagus.  Add the lemon juice and black olives several minutes before adding the pasta.  Add the pasta, drizzle with extra olive oil and mix well.  Serve with grated Grana Padana or Parmigiana cheese.