Sunday, February 24, 2013


As soon as the idea of a book about “Paducah art” jelled there were a number of decisions to be made: the size and shape of the book, the scope and nature of the content, the organization and presentation of the art, and the nature of the artwork. 

As of now, the book will be 8 ½ by 11 with a hard cover, and contain about 75 pages of full color art..

The artwork will be presented in broad categories, by location, function, style, and age.

The most difficult question was what medium would I use, and in the end I decided that I would let the subject dictate the medium, and abandoned all notions of trying to create a consistency in style and medium.  Some of the work will be elaborate and some will be quick and sketchy, which really mirrors the city itself.
Of course at this stage, any or all of the above could change, and probably will.

Here are examples of the different approaches to creating the artwork.  

Two Eateries...clay drawing...intermediate

The Leaping Trout...markers, ink...sketch
Basically I expect the work will be "all over the place", reflecting the city itself, as will as my own work habits.  I'm currently in the early stages of the project, still collecting material and creating the work.  If anyone has a particular favorite place, or an old photograph that I might find interesting, please feel free to let me know.

Saturday, February 23, 2013



Be still my day, 
Pass quickly into the night,
For things that you cannot provide
May be lost in the darkness of sleep.

But they are not lost,
They will always be,
For as I am,
They are me.


Friday, February 22, 2013


On several occasions in this blog and on my facebook page, the Art of William Renzulli, I have posted images of work I have done on this portfolio.  My plan is to spend the first 6 to 8 moths of this year creating the artwork for a hardcover book to be published and available this fall.

This project basically brings me full circle, back to where my art started, in the streets of Wilmington Delaware.  I fell in love with the colors and texture of the gritty urban landscape and hidden memories that could only be imagined in the wide-ranging architecture, streetscapes, and markets.  In 1985 I published a book of drawings and paintings celebrating Wilmington.  After almost 11 years in Paducah, I feel the need to “celebrate” Paducah, and taking advantage of technology that was not available in 1985, I can share with you the process of making this idea a reality.

This will not a book about Paducah’s history - social, architectural, or commercial, but it will be about Paducah’s “eye candy”, at least to my eyes.  It will a book to look at, not a book to read.  It is a book about the city we see everyday, the mundane and the elegant, the new and the old.  It is a book where even the refuse can be a thing of beauty.

I have created many paintings of the Paducah cityscape in the years I have been here, and several of them will appear in this portfolio, but fo the most part, the art will be new, created over a period of 6-8 months. 

The first, and ongoing task, has been to grab the camera and hit the streets, on foot or in car, exploring parts of the city I have never visited before.  (I can’t work the streets like I did 35 years ago.)  Amost all of the artwork will be done in the comfort of my studio...another nod to my age.

There is some amazing architecture tucked away off the beaten paths in the city.

Friday, February 8, 2013



I looked
I called His name   again and again
I talked to others
I read
I listened

And I called His name   
Alone – and with others
I called in darkness and in stillness
I called in celebration – with noise and music

I read
I reasoned
I argued

I was angry
I was lazy
I was frustrated

I pleaded with Him
I derided Him
I refused to give in – and called His name still

I called from a small room
A crowded church
A personal retreat

I called Him through four seasons

Once He answered

Thursday, February 7, 2013


A Search for God

I look for God - but first must find myself,
I look for self – but first must find wholeness,
I look for wholeness – but first must find my shadow,
I look for my shadow…….

I searched for God – and found a living soul.