Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I hate roosters...I’ll admit they have an almost regal bearing about them, as they strut about the yard or the coop...but I still hate them. Roosters are mean, vicious, and worst than that, they are cowards. Every year we would place several roosters in with the hens in the breeding coop, and the eggs from there would be sent to the hatchery. I learned very quickly about those devious, miserable cowards the first time I went in to collect the eggs. They would stand back and stare at me, unmoving, as long as I was facing them and staring back. But as soon as I turned my back they would attack...comming at me feet first with those large spurs, intent on doing some real damage. I would turn quickly and kick at them as violently as I could without droping the basket of eggs I was carrying. I never told my father about that...I don’t think he would have approved. I had another way of geting revenge...Whenever I found an egg without a shell (the egg is held intact by the thin membraned that is found just beneath the shell in a normal egg.) I would take careful aim at the closest of those awful creatures and let it go. If I was really pissed I would throw a good egg. I never told my father that either.

I'm not sure of the connection, but the ram we had to "service" the sheep behaved in the same way, turn your back and he would charge with his head down, honing in on your butt, turn around and he would stop.


Shelby said...

Oh I know just what you are talking about. We had no where near the amount of chickens you did. Just enough for us but those roosters are nasty little things and I hated having to feed the chickens or collect the eggs because of the rooster.


timerulesmylife said...

Paint the "evil rooster"! Just trying to give you some inspiration.

madre-terra said...

Oh the validation.
Roosters are nasty creatures!
1. There's the family story the girls love to tell of me being chased by the rooster at the farm where I would buy our eggs. That damn rooster chased me around the car about 4 times before I could get in without him spurring me. Damn rooster!
2. When we had chickens and a rooster came along to join our brood I would have quite the chat with said rooster. I used the words 'coq a vin' several times to get my point across. It seemed to work. We never ever ended up with a nasty cock. I made it abundantly clear that one step out of line just one nasty glare and I'd go and get the hatchet myself.
Oh, roosters can be so nasty!