Sunday, February 8, 2009


All about color acrylic on canvas 48x60"

I did this painting in September of 2007. Even then I knew it was less than my best, and for most of the time it has been sitting in the storage rack collecting dust. In keeping with my intentions of reducing expenditures I pulled it out of storage determined to reclaim the canvas and start anew.

At this point all I know is that it will be a landscape with a big sky (surprise!?) and that the sky will be red-orange-yellow. I have yet to decide on the "subject", either another farmscape or barn, or perhaps an urban skyline. In either event, the painting begins with an under painting of contrasting color and value, which I accomplished yesterday.

Work in Progress

Today the sky, tomorrow the world!

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Seth said...

I actually loved the original painting. Such a burst of color. I look forward to seeing where you take it now.