Friday, June 18, 2010


A dear friend, who arranged to have his friend in Ferrara Italy be my host for the day of my visit, has asked me for a painting of the cities landmark structure, the Este Castle, also know as Castello Estense. This monumental structure located in the center of the city was built in 1385, and consists of 4 connecting towers surrounded by a moat. It overwhelmed me, and my camera, and though I did take photos from multiple angles I did not have a clear idea of how I would be rendering the structure.
I eventually decided on using my favorite approach…an elevation drawing. Since my own photos proved to be insufficient, I had to use additional pics from the internet. Because of its size, there were no straight on photos, and I had to create my drawing by extrapolating from the various images available.

The first task was to produce an aproximate 5 ½ x 8 1/4 “thumbnail” drawing with the proper architectural relationships. Once this was completed I used a proportional scale to layout the final drawing, the image measuring 15 x 24 “.

Because the pencil lines are rather light the color and exposure of these photos is a bit distorted in order to show the lines.

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