Wednesday, February 26, 2014


There are several rites of passage that mark our entrance into the “senior years” of life.  The first, the most passive of the lot, is the arrival of the Medicare card.  I remember very clearly my reaction to seeing that card with my name on it: this can’t be real!  My father and mother had Medicare cards: what am I doing with one?

I got over it.

The second Rite applies only those who usually pee standing up – the dwindling urinary stream.  Gone are the days of peeing over a bush into your neighbor’s yard.  Now you’re happy if your shoes don’t get wet.

I’ve had that problem fixed.

The third Rite…getting a cataract removed.  aAd yesterday I had one removed from my left eye.  The one in my right eye is next.  I will spare you the details of this relatively simple (from the patient’s point of view – no pun intended), but I will share this single tidbit of information for those of you anticipating such an event.

Since yesterday morning I have had 1,219 drops instilled in the involved eye.

But it is worth it, because besides seeing the world better, I get to wear these cool Ray Bans.

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