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I’ve always enjoyed commissioned work, both private and institutional.  Over the years it has provided me the opportunity to paint a barbershop, junkyard, library, a variety of homes, and a host of markets, and streetscapes, and more.  In response to an increasing number of inquires about commissioning work (honest - there have been inquires) I’ve created the following information/guidelines:

Subject matter
Architectural portraits - residential, commercial and industrial
Landscapes - realistic and imaginative 
I do not do portraits or pets.



I work from photographs provided by the client, or if feasible, taken myself.

The size will be determined by the subject matter and the budget.  I will make recommendations but the choice is the clients.

This is usually determined by the subject matter.  I prefer watercolor for most  architectural work and smaller landscapes, and acrylic for larger landscapes.  Soft pastels are also an option for some landscapes.

I will work to accommodate the client’s budget.  The price is determined by the size and difficulty of the work and the medium used, and if applicable, special travel or other expenses.  In order to maintain some degree of consistency in prices I charge approximately $1.25 per square inch for watercolor and pastel, and $1.75 per square inch for acrylic on canvas or panel.  These are offered as guidelines only.

I am very flexible, and if you have something you would like painted, for yourself or for a gift, I am sure we could make it happen.

Obviously this also depends on the size of the work.  Generally acrylics on canvas and intricate architectural work require 4-8 weeks.  This may be longer or shorter depending on my work schedule.



Pen - Ink - Markers

What can I do for you?

1.     Create original art for your offices that reflect your interests or your business
2.     Create a series of paintings and/or drawings depicting your facilities or offices that be used in marketing and promotional material.
3.     Create art to be used for business gifts or commemorative events:
Prints, note cards, and calendars,

The cost is based on:
1. The artwork, as described above, and
2. The purchase of the copyrights if the work is to be reproduced.

For more information or questions I can be reached by email at, or by phone at 270-366-2837.

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