Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ode to a Dog Show

Patience and young Swede William
This Labor Day Weekend I joined Patience and our waggle of whippets on the maiden trip in our motor home to the dog shows in Amana, Iowa.  The experience reminded me of something I wrote after my last dog show - the Eastern Specialties in Atlanta GA in 2005.

Ode to a Dog Show

 Here I sit, pen in hand
Somewhere in Atlanta land

Looking at this page with dread
Just as empty as my head

Dogs and people prancing ‘round
One’s a canine, one’s a clown

All their faces etched with hope
Until they hear the judge’s “nope”

Which quickly sends them on their way
…but tomorrow is another day, and

all the nopes can’t dash the hopes

Atlanta, Sept. 05

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