Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The daily dose of art TOWN AND CITYSCAPES

Staying with the long and narrow for at least another day, looking at cities and towns.  Creating these paintings starts with a day long task of photographing everything and anything in the selected village, because at the outset I usually don't know how the piece will be composed.  Since most of these were done before the digital age, I would end up with dozens of photos spread out before me on one of the large drawing tables.  Then the fun would begin, looking, arranging, and rearranging until I finally came up with the composition that came closest to depicting the subject with some semblance of geographic accuracy.

 Baltimore's Inner Harbor, above, and Newport RI, below were two of the more challenging compositions to create.  The Inner Harbor had to be "straightened", and Newport had to be seen from the water, but all my photos were on land.  Both paintings called for some artistic liberty.

This view of St. Michael's, on Maryland's Eastern Shore is from photos taken from a dear friend's boat.  More than anything else I remember the delicious Red Snapper Soup Betty served us.

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