Saturday, June 6, 2015

6-6-15 Wild mushroom ravioli/creamy tomato sauce

I love cooking like this, looking in the fridge and pantry to see what’s there and what has to be used or tossed.  This evening there was a package of mushrooms and some frozen ravioli that demanded some attention.  Pouring myself a glass of Pinot Grigio, I set about seeing what I could do. 


1.     Wild mushroom ravioli
2.     Sliced white mushrooms
3.     Shallots
4.     Garlic
5.     Onion
6.     Olive oil
7.     Diced tomatoes
8.     Cherry tomatoes (canned)
9.     Heavy whipping cream
10. Anchovy paste
11. Fresh Dill
12. Fresh Basil
13. Parmigiana Regianno


Sauté the mushrooms, garlic and slice shallots with the chopped dill, in olive oil over high heat, stirring frequently, until they begin to brown.  Remove, cover, and set aside

Sauté the garlic, 2 finely chopped anchovy fillets (or paste) and chopped onion in olive oil until soft.  Add the tomatoes and several leaves of fresh basil and simmer for 30-60 minutes.  I used a hand held blender to create a less than smooth puree.  Stir in the cream several minutes before the pasta is ready.

Cook the ravioli per the package directions, drain and place in serving bowl with the sauce.  Serve the ravioli with a portion of the mushrooms, shavings of Parmigina, and fresh basil.


This was a fun dish to prepare, and even more fun to eat.  I could not help feeling guilty that we wee not sharing it with others.

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