Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Where am I? wc 16x16"

Grace wc 7x10"

Union Square wc 20x40"

I launched my art career almost 30 years ago as a watercolorist and for many years it was my only medium. My earliest interests were urban landscapes and architecture, and being self taught my approach to this medium was dictated my desire to depict crisp and reasonably accurate renderings of the archicture before me. To achieve this I devised a way, using various sized drafting tapes to create the hard edges I wanted. My early work was done on 180 lb. cold press paper which I pre-stretched before painting. Recenly I have turned to 300 lb. paper.


Ester said...

this is absolutely beautiful! I love your crisp lines, and have always envied people who can have the patience and desire to draw out architecture. Stunning work :)

Villager said...

Dr. Renzulli, I love your works shown here. I think the "Union Square" watercolor is just fantastic (I am partial to watercolor and to arquitectural subjects). I will be a regular visitor.
Good luck with your art career.
Me, I still need my dayjob...