Friday, November 14, 2008


Continuing in a series of "solitary trees", I find that so far, only 1 of 4 paintings has a tree. Oh well, as the artist I can call the series whatever I choose

Horizon acrylic 36x36 $2500
I've decided this painting can stand alone. It needs no "subject".

However I felt differently about this next piece. The more I looked at it the more it felt unfinished to me. So I added texture to the foreground which helped, but not enough. I thought the gate was the right touch...not as imposing and overwhelming as the large tree, but enough to add an element of interest.

The Gate acrylic 36x36 $2500

Both paintings are on canvas...36x36


dog face girls said...

I so love the colors in the first picture!!

Peanut said...

I like them both. I do think the gate adds something