Friday, July 9, 2010


It may seem like I am purposely dragging out the work on the Castle...but I'm really not. It is simply the result of my work habits...I go to the studio and the first thing I do is sit down (with my feet up) and read whatever book I'm into (currently it's Dan Brown's THE LOST SYMBOL). After 5 or 6 pages I put the book down and walk over to the Castle and paint for 10 or 15 minutes, long enough to complete a small section or detail. From there I'll move over to another work top and work on a clay drawing or a small watercolor. After 15-20 minutes I'll take up another task, or go back to my book. Somewhere in between all the stops I may close my eyes and nap for 15 minutes. And I will spend an afternoon repeating this cycle, perhaps starting up a new painting or clay drawing. If there is a rhyme or reason to all of this, it is unknown to just is.

I've been working exclusively with watercolor and clay for several weeks, but one of these days...maybe today...I'll get started on the 24x24" canvas that I've been looking at all this time.

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