Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last fall I began an e-newsletter which I sent to the gallery's mailing list. Initially my goal was to sell art. The letters, with a brief narrative, contained 2 or 3 images of small, modestly priced paintings ($100.00 or less) and were sent weekly throughout the holiday season. In the process I realized I enjoyed writing the letters, and the feedback I received was very positive, as a result I have continued the letters at a rate of one or two a month. I still send images of new work, and of course would like to sell them, but sales are no longer the primary goal (believe that I have a bridge to sell you). That has now been expanded to include the joy and satisfaction of staying in touch with friends, family, and the many wonderful folks who have visited Gallery 5. Obviously I lack enough humility to think that all of the recipients share that same joy and satisfaction. They have been encouraged not to tell me if they don’t.

I do my best to keep the letters brief, informative, and entertaining, focussing on my activities in the studio and gallery. This fall I will resume the weekly letters with small artwork, all priced at $100.00 or less, perhaps with a few exceptions.

If you would like to be on my mailing list please contact me by email, commenting on this post, or via facebook.

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