Wednesday, December 8, 2010


For the past several weeks I've been coasting on past efforts, limiting my work to several commissions on the drawing boards. I've completed one and 2 more are in progress, but for the most part I've been in a "vacation" state of mind, albeit a vacation in the studio.

How am I spending this vacation? I've decided to review and catalog my slide inventory of paintings, old and new, and create a comprehensive digital library of the work. It is a slow process but one I'm finding quite enjoyable. Many of the slides had been previously scanned, but in need of some photoshop corrections due to the poor quality of some of the slides (taken in the late 70's and 80's). Because I kept a careful record of all my work in a small notebook I've been able to label the work chronologically. Sadly, a computer crash about 5 years ago took away much of my digital inventory records for a number of years...should have stuck with the pen and paper!

So far I've worked my way through the 70's and 80's which consisted almost entirely of watercolors. Next up, the 90's when I began to work with clay and pastels as well as watercolor. In addition to the new mediums, my focus also began shifting from urban to rural landscapes, barns and farms began to replace storefronts and skylines.

Here are a few images of my earliest work:

Jim's Steaks on South St. watercolor and ink...1981

Old Philadelphia from photo...watercolor...1980
Rocco's in Wilmington DE...watercolor and markers...1978

Refuge Temple in Wilmington...watercolor...1979

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