Sunday, July 1, 2012

Billy Poke-a-long

Just call me Billy Poke-a-long, because that best describes my attitude and my work these days.  A little walk first thing in the morning, a little breakfast, a little time checking email and the news, a little time with my journal, a little time running errands (grocery shop – library – post office – etc.), a little lunch, and then it’s into the studio where the day really begins.

A little time with my feet up, reading the latest mystery from the library, a little postprandial nap, a little music, a little drawing, a little time working on the computer, a little painting, a little more reading, and interspersed in all of this…a little pacing.

Occasionally I will gnash my teeth, frustrated over a complete loss of ambition, lean back in my chair with my feet up, contemplate the purpose of my continued existence, and promptly fall asleep.  Ten to fifteen minutes later I awake with renewed purpose and resume working on whatever.

A mostly comfortable sameness has come to define my days, and I enjoy it, except when I don’t.  Occasionally I feel the need to get out of my space, either alone or in the company of others, but for the most part I am quite content with my life.  The important thing is for me to be engaged in my work, mentally and physically, even if it is only for an hour, more or less, a day.  I am always amazed at how much I can accomplish in this limited and inconsistent pace of mine.

Recently I have been posting a series of drawings from my ER journal on my facebook page (in an album called ER Drawings…duh!)  Most of these drawings are still available, matted and wrapped for $125.00,   The entire series is also available in an IBook…ER Sketchbook for $40.00 (6x8: - soft cover – spiral bound – 56 pages and 64 drawings)

 Waiting...image 5x7...matted to 11x14

 Resident...image...5x3...matted to 14x11

 Nurse at work...image...6x4...matted to 14x11

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