Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Daily Dose of Art....Oil Pastels

Several years ago I dusted off several boxes of oil pastels I purchased from an artist's estate over 30 years ago.  I thought it was time to give them a try.  After a few unsuccessful attempts on a variety of supports, I decided to try working on some discarded clay mono types that were printed on Reemay, an industrial material that is an excellent support for the clay prints.

I was delighted with the results; so much so that I went on to create a large body of work which was eventually exhibited in my gallery.  Because so much pressure is needed in applying the pigment, superficial fibers from the support are disrupted in the process, creating a please texture, as seen in these two paintings.

Dark Skies  Oil pastel on clay mono type  12x12"

Sad  Oil pastel on clay mono type  15x30"

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