Friday, April 29, 2016


It is hard to be humble after preparing such a dinner...but I will try. 

Thanks to the Italian Grill for making the pasta, and to Midtown Market for selling it.  I went to buy Broccoli Rabe, and saw this:

And with a little bit of inspiration and effort, the result was this:

Pasta with shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, lemon, and cream

1.     Campanelle pasta
2.     Shrimp
3.     Sundried tomatoes in oil – finely chopped
4.     Fresh dill
5.     Olive oil
6.     Leek and garlic
7.     White wine
8.     Tomato paste
9.     Lemon juice - fresh
10. Heavy whipping Cream


While the pasta is cooking prepare and cook all of the ingredients.  Add the pasta to the sauce, mix well, and enjoy.  A glass of chilled Pinto Grigio will add to your delight.

I enjoyed the Pinot Grigio so much that I’m unable to be more specific at this time regarding the preparation of the ingredients.   Maybe later.

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