Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here it is...the proof that I really am working, happily at a pace of my very own. The photo shows my compulsion with hard edges and straight lines in my architectural paintings, a process/style that I fell into unconsciously as I taught myself how to use watercolors. I spend a lot of time laying down drafting tape (masking fluid does not give me the control I need for fine details.), but the payoff is I can be very loose and fluid when I apply the paint to these confined areas.

It is a slow process, which suits me well because I work in bits and pieces, intermittently between chapters of whatever mystery I'm reading. The eventual result is a painting that is immediately recognized as a "Renzulli" by those who know my work. To seem more samples of this approach look at the Print Gallery on my website.

I'm mulling over a new idea for the 48x48" canvas so it sits unattended for now.

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Ajay Patil said...

would be waiting to see final results. I can never paint watercolors in multiple seatings.