Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Its been almost 4 weeks since my last post, which was also the last time I read any blogs on my regular reading list. There has been a confluence of events this spring that has kept me preoccupied with other matters and effectively chased the muses away.
My blog, and others, became much less of a priority, and it wasn't until I received a query from a blogger friend that I realized that I had simply walked away from a community of bloggers without a word that in many ways was like walking away from friends without an explanation. (I hope this doesn't sound to Maudlin.)

So, my apologies for the unexplained absence. I hope to gradually return to my previous routine over the next few weeks. I have been doing some painting, but in a rather limited way.

Tuscan Hills acrylic 24x30

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dog face girls said...

Yeah Bill how dare you leave is in LIMBO!!!