Monday, August 2, 2010


First, the less than new. I posted this piece just 2 days ago, and after looking at it decided it needed just a few additions. They should be quite obvious.

the old

the new

The new new is a variation on the clay drawings, actually more of a mixed media. I started with a watercolor wash, then completed the drawing with ink markers, and finally added a few touches of acrylic. I'm planning on working more with the mixed mediums. I would like to have more control over the paintings...where the subject and the intent direct the choice of medium. With the clay drawings I've been doing I'm getting the sense that is the medium that directs everything. But...perhaps I'm over reacting and thinking too much...I tend to do that...a lot!

piazza in Ravenna

And finally, the second in a series of two

Columns and Arches II watercolor...8x28

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