Friday, August 27, 2010


that sit side by side and contribute boundaries to 3 of Bologna's central piazzas, Piazza Maggiore, Piazza del Nettuno (Neptune) and Piazza re Enzo. The Palazzo Re Enzo is the larger structure on left, and the side, or end view of the Palozzo Podesta is on the right.

I've decided to render these 2 palaces (which really appear to be one structure) in watercolor, creating a project that will provide me with several weeks of satisfying work and challenges similar to the Castello Estense painting last month. As before, the composition is an elevation drawing, done initially in pencil and then lined with sepia ink.

And to add a little fun to my day...there is always a clay drawing to do. This one, titled DINING OUT, was inspired by a photo taken in Castellini in Chianti 2 years ago.

Clay drawing aprox. 10x14

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