Sunday, August 22, 2010


one watercolor, one acrylic, and one clay drawing to add to my growing inventory of "Italian art". The acrylic has been on the easel for about 2 weeks, the watercolor took one week from start to finish, and the clay drawing 2 days.

Italian countryside...acrylic...18x24

untitled clay drawing...aprox. 8x24

Looking at Ancona...watercolor...aprox. 10x18

It is time to move on...if we don't allow our art to evolve and grow, it becomes tired and stale. More about this on my next post.


cowango said...

Your Ancona is much lovelier than the one I remember!

Linda said...

They are all wonderful pieces and make me want to travel to Italy! And as much as I love watercolor, I find that I really love your clay drawings. They have solid feel to them that works well with subjects like these old buildings.

LOCO Lorrie said...

Dear Bill I'm glad you haven't changed. So insightful... Hurry new art must be made.