Monday, October 4, 2010


950 miles, I thought I could do it in one day but alas, I am not the tiger I like to think I am. So instead of arriving late Friday night weary and bedraggled, I arrived rested and ready to go early Saturday morning. After persistent pleading from 7 year old Leif, we got out the pastels and had our fun...everyone got their hands dirty working with the pastels, but the results were worth the time and grime.

Beth, Lief (7), and Cleo (11, at work in our " studio"

The results...

Landscape by Leif

Landscape by Cleo

Landscape by Beth

Art is where your heart is.

One more day with Beth, Carl, Cleo, and Leif, and then it is on to Sara and her family.


Anonymous said...

I love them all! Each one would look lovely when matted and framed. Great composition!


jeannette said...

Tell them that I think they're great pastel artists!