Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since coming to Paducah I've had fun exploring new techniques and expressions with the pastels. The first thing I did was to try working on a new surface...the blue styrofoam insulation used in home construction...something I had been thinking about for some time. In addition, I tried creating a textured, dimensional foreground by applying an acrylic molding paste with palette knife and/or stiff bristled brush.

Framing became a bit of a problem because of the thickness of the support. On some pieces I used heavy fixative and varnish (I could do this because of the way I applied the pastel,) and left the work uncovered.

While I continued to paint the barns and landscapes I also had some fun with other ideas. The 2 paintings below were done on heavy cold press illustration board.

Once again...out of time and space so the topless art gallery will have to come later.

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Asphodel said...

I absolutely love the texture of these pieces...c'est magnifique!