Friday, October 19, 2012


Breaking from the usual routine, the last 2 hours of my 12 hour drive from McKinney TX to Paducah were one of pure visual delight.  All day I had following a storm front moving west to east, and by late afternoon I found myself facing a sky laden with dark blue-gray clouds illuminated by the brilliant light from the sun deep in the absolute favorite combination of sun and clouds.  Unfortunately I could not safely stop to photograph the brilliant landscape, but I could paint it.

 Bathed in Light...acrylic...16x40

This is a theme I've visited many times in the past.   Here are several examples in acrylic from the past 6 years.

 Before the storm...24x48

 Perserverence 24x48

 Dark Skies...24x24

Summer Trees...12x48

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