Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Black & White Plus part 4

As with any series, the work tends to evolve, influencing the original concept.  My initial plan was to execute a series of black and white pen & ink drawings, with or without a “touch of color”, depicting scenes and architecture from the many places I have visited with my art.  While this approach works well with some subjects, it quickly became apparent that others would benefit from more than a touch of color.  Being of sound mind and flexible character (more than once I have been called flexiBill) I adapted to this with ease, completing the first stage of the evolution of the original idea.  All of the work will begin with a line drawing done with pen & ink, and augmented with color as determined by the subject.

I was still in the B&W frame of mind when I completed these two drawings which represent the “look” I wanted for this series

 Feeling more than my share of piss and vinegar, I decided to take on a more ambitious subject – my favorite power plant on the Ohio River in Pittsburg, PA.

pwer plant

Obviously I deviated from the original plan, and happily ended up with this drawing that I really like.  The end result was 2 more drawings in the same manner.  Here is the first of the 2.

The name of the series will remain Black & White Plus, but I am growing fond of the title, Second Time Around, referring to the choice of subject matter – places I have visited and drawn and painted in the past.  But based on the experience of the past week it would be foolish to make any claims about how this will all end.

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