Sunday, July 14, 2013

INDUSTRIAL LANDSCAPES…part 1- the beginning

I have no idea where the inspiration came from, but the very first clay mono type I created was an imagined grimy, dark industrial scene, which I still have in my possession.

the first of many...clay mono type...10x34"
 Little did I know that it would be the first of many other prints and paintings in that genre.  In this post I will show several of my early Industrial Landscapes (ID),  clay mono types enhanced with pastel.

All measure approximately 15 – 20 by 30”

I soon began working only with pastels, and eventually explored 3 dimensional constructions. I enjoy creating these landscapes, even though they are somewhat of a tough sell.  Not many folks want a grimy power plant over their mantle.  (Except a few I know who have exceptional taste in art.)

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Jesh St Germain said...

love the design and contrast of your second one! I could see these hanging in an office...