Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CIABATTA LUNCH...part 4 of an ocassional series

OK, this is going to seem a little weird, but it was bound to happen, sooner or later.  It should be obvious to readers of this blog that I love Ciabatta bread...that's Josh's Ciabatta bread...olive oil, and all food things Italian.  But, I also love hotdogs, hotdogs from the family grill, hotdogs from the ballpark, hotdogs from the hotdog cart, it doesn't matter, I like them all,  But for reasons I can't really explain, I defer from buying them when I do the food shopping, at least I did until one of my recent trips to the Midtown Market when I gave into my culinary desires and purchased a package of Boar's Head hotdogs and the rolls to go with them.

Fast forward one week, and there are 2 dogs left, but the remaining rolls are dry and unappealing.  My only recourse, and clearly the very natural thing to do, was to turn to the Ciabatta bread.  The result is a "fusion" of the American dog with a haphazard bit of Italian. (Some would add...created by a haphazard small Italian,)

On the left, hotdog dressed with mustard and relish.  On the right, hotdog garnished with basil pesto.

What can be better than a blend of Kirchhoffs and the Midtown Market.  And it was delicious.

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