Monday, June 23, 2014

FAVORITES #2 Grain Elevator or Feed Mill?

This structure sits one block from the main street in the small town of Elmer, in southern New Jersey, surrounded by small crop farms and dairy farms.  I am fascinated by its clutter, texture, and seemingly totally incoherent architecture and it has been the subject of several pastel paintings.  Every side of the building is totally different from the others.  My favorite rendering, one that I include in this series of "my favorite works", is this construction done in 2004.
The list of materials used includes acrylic, pastel, ink, scale model building supplies, and miscellaneous gadgets and gizmos lying around the studio.

I'm often asked what my favorite medium is, and I say "the one I'm working with".  But for pure fun, nothing comes close to working on these constructions.

Here are 2 other renderings of the subject:

Pastel and ink - 30x20

Pastel - 30x20

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