Saturday, June 28, 2014


The name itself suggests something from the earth, and the pigments, Raw Umber,  Burnt Umber, along with Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, and Yellow Ochre  are referred to as the earth colors.  I have used all of these extensively in my paintings.

Recently I have decided to create a series of paintings using primarily earth colors to establish the mood and overall tone of the paintings.

In this first painting the sky is a mixture of Raw and Burnt Umber with a touch of Burnt Sienna, and the darker foreground is Raw Umber and black.  Touches of primary colors were used to create the trees.

Umber series #1  acrylic  24x30
 I wanted a darker mood in this second piece, and used more Raw Umber and black.   I have mixed feelings about the tobacco barn – not sure it adds to the painting.  I’ll look at for a while to see if I want to take it out.

Umber series #2   acrylic  24x30

A third painting is in progress.

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