Wednesday, June 18, 2014


From the hundreds of paintings I've created over the past 35 years, a handful have remained my absolute favorites.  I would like to share them with you on this blog and on my Facebook page in the weeks ahead.  Today's entry is an acrylic, but I intend to look at all of the mediums with which I've worked.

I began working with acrylics in 2006.  As anticipated, the work – over 175 paintings - has evolved, both in technique/style, and in scope.  From the over 175 paintings, there are a few pieces that from the moment of their completion have remained my favorites.   Interestingly, my two most favorite paintings are from my very earliest acrylic work.  One sold shortly after it was exhibited, and the other remains in my “collection”, meaning it hasn’t sold..yet.

I don’t think I can pick one of these before the other, so I list them as my two “all time favorite” acrylics, with several others right behind them.


 Acrylic on wood panel
25x25” plus frame

To fully appreciate this painting it should be viewed in direct light, preferably sunlight, to see all of the colors that come through the seemingly very dark foreground, colors which are difficult to capture photographically.

I really don’t know what inspired this painting.  The only given at the outset was the horizon – a fixture in almost all of my paintings – the colors sort of “happened”, and as I became involved with the work it began to dictate the final direction.  While the sky is brushed, the foreground was created entirely with a palette knife. 

I suppose the painting is too dark for most people, but I love this, and never tire of looking at it.  I am not upset that it hasn't been sold.

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