Monday, June 26, 2017

6-26-17 Penne with mixed greens and small white beans

It’s time to harvest our third crop of mixed greens, and once again I will pair them with white beans and pasta.  But the big news from Casa Renzulli is our new cooktop that will have its “maiden voyage” tonight.

      1.     Penne pasta
2.     Mixed greens- Collard, Beets, and Mustard greens
3.     Olive oil
4.     Leek
5.     Carrots
6.     Garlic
7.     Sundried tomatoes coarsely chopped
8.     Fresh Thyme and basil coarsely chopped
9.     Small white beans
10. Chicken broth

Cook the Leek and carrots in the oil until soft and add the garlic and tomatoes. Continue cooking uncovered over med-low heat for several minutes before adding the beans and herbs.  Continue cooking uncovered for another 10 minutes.  Add about ¼ cup of chicken broth to prevent the sauce from getting to thick.  I added the mixed greens at the same time I put the pasta in the water to cook.  All of the times I’ve listed are very general estimates and there is a lot of flexibility in how you prepare this.


The tomatoes and Leek helped give this a little different flavor from the previous mixed greens recipes.  Patience loved it.  And I love our new cooktop with 5 – count them – 5 burners.  Although I only needed 2 tonight.

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