Thursday, June 8, 2017

6-8-17 Spaghetti with Tarragon/olive oil sauce

I’ve never used fresh tarragon before, but thanks to Patience’s porch garden I had my opportunity tonight.  I wanted to create something simple and rustic, borrowing from the traditional garlic, olive oil, and parsley sauce.  I decided to replace the parsley with fresh tarragon, and add just a bit of anchovies, along with toasted panko.


1.     Spaghetti
2.     Olive oil
3.     Fresh tarragon leaves – about 10-15 uncut small leaves
4.     Celery
5.     Onion
6.     Garlic
7.     Anchovy fillet 1or2 finely chopped
8.     Toasted panko
9.     Butter
10. Red pepper flakes-optional
11. Parmigiano shavings


Cook the onion, celery, and anchovy in the oil until soft, then add the garlic and tarragon and cook over low heat until the tarragon leaves or wilted.  Add the pasta to the sauce and mix well.  Add the toasted panko, the butter, and some pasta water. Serve with grated or shaved parmigiano cheese.


We really enjoyed the fresh and unique taste of the tarragon.  I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve used this herb in a pasta dish.

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