Saturday, July 22, 2017

7-22-17 Fettuccini w Salmon and fresh corn in cream sauce

I’ve been thinking about this dish for several days, but something always seemed to thwart my plans…but not tonight. 


1.     Fettuccini- wanted linguine but there was none in the pasta pantry.
2.     Salmon – skin removed and diced into bite size pieces
3.     Fresh corn – nuked for 2 minutes then removed from the cob
4.     Olive oil
5.     Shallots – chopped
6.     Garlic – pressed
7.     Fresh basil and tarragon coarsely chopped
8.     Marsala wine
9.     Heavy whipping cream


Cook the shallots and garlic until soft, then add the salmon and cook over med-high heat.  Follow several minutes later with the fresh herbs.  When the salmon is cooked through add the corn and a splash of wine and continue cooking over low heat.  Several minutes before the pasta is ready add the cream and mix well.  Then add the pasta and some pasta water, mix well, and serve.


In keeping with the “eclipse season” we decided the best description of tonight’s dinner would be -  “heavenly”.

I forgot to mention the pad of butter I added to the sauce along with the cream.  Hey…it’s good for you.

Accompanying the pasta was a Caprese salad.

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