Friday, August 10, 2007


Have I Told You Today That I Love You

A father’s words to his children

Written and illustrated by William F. Renzulli M.D.


The author is a physician and an artist, and indeed this book is lavishly illustrated with his bold, colorful, imaginative paintings. But in his words we see a father dedicated to the task of passing on to his children the wisdom and values he holds so dearly. His writing, grounded firmly in personal experience, is clear and succinct, each message confined to a single page. His comfort and confidence in each subject is evident, whether it be claiming a personal destiny, finding God, or dealing with love, marriage, and friendship. Facing each page of the father’s reflective text the reader is treated to one of the artist's vibrant illustrations. This small book belongs on the bedside table of everyone embracing the challenge of finding their own unique path in life.


Aynex Mercado said...

I had a sneak peak and it looks great.

Renzulli said...

Hey cousin Bill, I didn't know that you were writing books as well !! It must be in the family, I finished uncle Fatty's copy of "La Famiglia" in one afternoon !! I'd love to read it some day !! Keep it up, love, Nathalie

Charlotte said...

how wonderful my Heartbreak Bill!
onward and upward!

V said...

Hugs to you Bill!