Tuesday, August 21, 2007


From the journal, 2-15-03

It has not been the best of days; Patience left for a dog show early this morning with 3 of the whippets, it has been raining all day, and I am not feeling well. For the past several days I have been experiencing increasing fatigue and malaise, especially later in the day, but today it began much earlier. I tried working in the studio but with little success. I did manage to run a few errands, and that left me feeling exhausted. Thinking that what I needed was to be more active, I began walking the dogs when there was a break in the rain. We completed the first walk, but shortly after starting the second the rain returned, resulting in a very short walk. Finally, I gave in to the fatigue and the rain and gave up on being “productive”.

With the dogs settled in the front of the TV room fireplace I quietly made my way to the day bed in my study. Before I could get horizontal Maria was by my side, and I had no choice but to invite her to join me. No sooner had we settled down when Giaccomino appeared and quickly made himself comfortable next to me. Then, within minutes of one another we were joined by Delia, Fat Charlie, and Lucianno. My quiet retreat had become a canine communal event...Giaccomino under my left arm, Dehlia under my right arm and draped across my chest, Fat Charlie below her with his large head resting quietly on my belly, Maria beside my right leg, and Lucianno between my legs.

My initial thought was, this is a helluva way to relax, with 5 whippets drapped all over me. Unable to move freely, I wondered what I should do when I began to feel the heat of my companions, followed by the realization that they were there because they wanted to be with me...near me...as close as physically possible, and that was not something to be taken for granted, but to be appreciated. I should consider myself fortunate, to have this affection so unequivocally bestowed upon me. Then I felt the heart beats, the irregular whippet hearts, beating intermittently against my chest, my arm, and my legs, and I knew that my 5 small friends were giving something to me. Something wonderfully therapeutic was being transmitted with each heartbeat and with the warmth of their unselfish bodies.

That was late yesterday afternoon. I have felt well since then.


Aynex Mercado said...

Cute story. Does that mean that my cat wants to be close to me when he runs across my chest repeatedly at 5 am? I think he just wants food.

CORRAL said...

That's just beautiful. Even though I only have two whippets...two little heartbeats...I know that feeling you are talking about. You put it into words so well. Thank you.


(We met once in Atlanta at the Southern Specialty whippet show.)