Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have broadened the definition of the self portrait to include biographical and other personal characteristics beyond just the physical appearance that define who and what we are. To accomplish this I am using photos, old drawings and paintings, and other picture resources, and trying to incorporate them into a cohesive work of art. The intent is to "say something" about myself and my art. As might be expected, some results are more successful than others, at least to my eyes.

Self Portrait #2 acrylic-collage on panel 24x24 $1200

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Snowball said...


We are friends of Patience and the whippets! We hop over to your blog when we saw one of your paintings on Patience blog.

My jie jie had recently taken up acrylic painting too and she paint only dogs. We love the paintings we saw on your blog and some of them give us lots of imagination. Jie jie hope that she can paint as well as you one day.