Thursday, January 29, 2009


struck Paducah and western KY I managed to get one more day of work in the studio. After that we lost all electrical power for 2 days. We were fortunate to be on the small list of folks who got their power back this morning. Unfortunately my studio heater has gone out and I cannot make myself work in 48 degree temps so any further work on the farm scene will be on hold until ???

Here is the latest version of the painting, with the foreground and some of the architectural details in place.

And, I thought I would share with you some of the Paducah landscape seen in the past few days.

The view from the front of our house

the same tree, seen by my gallery

me cooking in an unheated kitchen...but the pasta was great. (Linguini with an aspargus, proscioutto, mushroom and blue cheese sauce.)


jeannette stgermain said...

Like your painting as it is - yes, 48 degrees is definitely too cold!! Your pasta dish sounds interesting - I don't like blue cheese, with what else could you substitute it?
Cannot believe all the pics I'm getting from around the country, snow, snow, snow, except here - it disappeared in the mountains after it got in the 70ties in the valley.
Keep warm!
Is youw wife a knitter? Maybe she or someone else could knit you the fingerless mitts I'm gonna post today (need double pointed needles, or 2 round needles) - really helps with painting when you have cold hands.
Hope you can fix the heater in your studio (or paint in the living room - that's what I do) Jcheers, eannette

Peanut said...

I'm glad you guys all made it through okay. I can say while I miss Kentucky (I really liked it there) I'm glad we weren't living there for the storm.