Sunday, January 25, 2009


In the past several years I have painted five 48x60" canvases, which is the largest size my cramped studio and gallery can handle. I've sold one, leaving me 4 of these behemoths to show and/or store, not an easy thing to do. In addition there has been a 6th canvas, untouched, sitting in the storage rack. I like working large, the size presents challenges unique to its scale, but for reasons stated above, it is something I've been avoiding. A few weeks ago it hit me, like a brisk slap on the head, not painting on a fresh canvas in my storage rack because I have no place to store it is kinda...well...just plain stupid!!! And, inspired by a recent pastel farm scene, I dragged the canvas out into the studio, arranged for my easel to accommodate its size, and began to paint.

First, here is the pastel that is serving as the inspiration for this piece.

And here is the work in progress. Before going any further with the architecture I will work on establishing the colors and values in the foreground since it will have a direct effect on the final appearance of the buildings.

Using the retrospectoscope I think the buildings should have been smaller, but the deed is done and I have no desire to start over.


jeannette stgermain said...

It's looking promising to me.The acrylic already looks very different from your pastel. Do you usually work on your foreground first?

William F. Renzulli said...

Jeanette, I always begin with the background-sky first. Often even before I know what the final subject will be.

I worked on it today and decided to put the pastel somewhere out of sight because at this point I have to allow this piece to direct itself.

Tomorrow I will post an update.