Sunday, September 26, 2010


that's what I feel I have been on for the past several weeks, at least in the studio. One clay drawing after another, and slow but steady progress on the watercolor. I hope to complete this "work cycle" in the week ahead...on Friday, I leave for a long over due trip back home (MD, NJ, DE,AND PA) to see family and friends. I expect to be away for 10-12 days. If all goes well, I will have this watercolor completed before I leave. Here is the latest update, as well as the most recent clay drawings.

It could be Parma

Wash Day

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Marjoriey said...

Hello William

I was checking some blogs of art and run up with your, to me your painting seemed to be incredible and your histories very interesting and some of them funny.

I am very keen on pastel and watercolor painting, nowadays in an early labor retreat, for motives of health, I expect to be able to follow your experiences and histories from Venezuela.