Monday, September 6, 2010

It is NOT relaxing!!!

How many artists out there have had to smother the urge to yell NO...NO..NOOOO! whenever someones says, "that must be relaxing"? They mean well, but for me, making art is not a form of relaxation; to the contrary, it is stressful and frustrating. But I would quickly add...stress is good, distress is bad. I view the stress and/or tension that accompanies the work as seasoning, like garlic and salt, they make everything else better.

Here are 2 of the early clay mono types I pulled shortly after returning from Italy. I was trying to capture the soft colors and the patina of age that is present on the older architecture in the city.

untitled clay mono type aprox. 20x20"

I love the texture and softness of this piece, but continue to think I need to do something else...add lines, or markings, or whatever, but can't decide what. I've been looking at it for 2 months and have yet to determine what I will do...maybe nothing.

clay mono type...aprox. 14x20"

Now this is a constant source of frustration. I like everything about this print except...the damn profile of Snoopy in the upper right. I cannot look at it without seeing Snoopy, who has nothing to add to the work, and THIS IS DISTRESSING.

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Kathy Hodge said...

I had to laugh at your blog headline. I often wonder, if it's so relaxing, why am I so tired after a night in the studio?