Thursday, February 17, 2011


After almost 10 years it was time to make some changes to the website that served me so well. Thanks to new technology it is now possible to create and manage a website with minimal effort and no understanding of the necessary technology. On the recommendation of a knowledgeable friend I chose to work with Otherpeoplespixals (OPP) and am pleased with the results. The advantage of the new site is the ability to easily manage it myself, adding and removing content as needed as well as reorganizing the artwork, links, etc..

My art is presented in 5 different galleries, based on the medium. I’ve also added a new feature called “What’s on the easel”, where every few weeks I will feature a different piece of work reflecting either something new, interesting, or specially priced.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of setting up the site; it was amazingly easy, and I recommend it to anyone who may be considering such an undertaking. Check it out…

Here are 2 more small watercolor landscapes, plus the latest progress on the Cambridge commission.

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