Friday, August 31, 2012


It seems to me...

The scope of love is broad and deep, encompassing a wide range of emotions and behavior.  At each end of this broad spectrum are two opposing descriptions of this phenomenon we call love – Soft love, and Hard love.

Soft love is gentle, caring and compassionate, non-judgmental, inclusive, nurturing, generous (sometimes to a fault), and forgiving.  It has no boundaries or requirements

Hard love is rigid, harsh, restrictive, judgmental, unforgiving, exclusive, demanding, and limited.  

I suspect few people fall exclusively into one or the other of these extremes, but would fall somewhere between the two, closer to one than the other, but capable of experiencing the full spectrum in a lifetime of living.

In spite of these differences, The depth and commitment of the love is, or can be, the same in both extremes.  While I believe there are circumstances that require a bit of both, I think we have an innate tendency toward one or the other, kind of like are basic handwriting.

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