Wednesday, August 22, 2012


1.    A faith that adheres blindly, without doubt or question, to a strict and rigid theological doctrine.
2.    A faith that takes as absolute truth the written words in a sacred document.
3.    A faith that produces a rigid and narrow worldview, which discounts the validity of anything that contradicts it.
4.    A faith that requires an answer to all of the eternal human questions about life, thus aborting the need for reflective, critical thinking.
5.    A faith that leaves no room for honest doubts and insecurities.
6.    A faith that discriminates, judges, and restricts,

I see this as a faith that hides behind God, and religion, a God that has been narrowly defined by their inability to look beyond the confines of their doctrine.  This kind of faith limits the human spirit, casting a large dark shadow over the incredible expanse of human nature.

Sadly, it takes the core of wonderful and timeless truths and reduces them to the lowest denominations.


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