Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The past four weeks have been rather harrowing ones for Patience and me.  During a routine abdominal surgical procedure an abnormality was uncovered that could not be definitively defined, and further testing was needed.  The diagnostic possibilities ranged from the most benign to the most deadly, and we lived with that question until the testing, completed 3 weeks later, proved the abnormality to be completely benign...a little weird perhaps, but benign.

There has been a lot to think about over the past several weeks, and although I am nowwhere near understanding the impact this may or may not have on my life, it has driven my to act on something I've been considering for several months...reducing my gallery hours.  For almost ten years I have opened the gallery 5 days a week, Wednesdays through Sunday, despite a severe reduction in visitors over the past two years.  It is time to make adjustments.


Friday and Saturday – 11 to 5
Monday through Thursday by chance

Appointments any day or evening by calling 270-366-2837 – Browsers welcomed

I anticipate spending the same amount of time in my studio, and when I'm there the open sign will be posted. 


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