Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nature Imagined

What follows is the press release by Laura Moore Fine Art Studio for my show at her gallery in McKinney Texas, opening October 13.

Drawing upon places both real and imagined, William Renzulli sets a mood and strikes a feeling with each of his bold canvases. In Renzulli’s most recent series “Nature Imagined”, he often summons internal landscapes from the memory of experienced places. Alternating between a moody, monochromatic palette and an electric vibrant one, each painting evokes a different response, but each consistently tugs at the edges of memory and recognition. The medium to large-scaled paintings in the exhibition are more about the feelings derived from a place than the place itself. Renzulli feels drawn to “create beauty, both elegant and mundane” with his thought provoking works.

A slide show of the exhibit, Nature Imagined, can be seen on You Tube.

 Teh Third Time...acrylic...24x24

Three Trees...acrylic...24x24

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