Friday, September 7, 2012


Occasionally I will post one of my studio newsletters on the blog, so if you are on the newsletter mailing list this will be very familiar.

WARNING – this newsletter is devoted entirely to marketing and self-promotion, with no effort to entertain or inform.  My goal is to sell  art so I can afford to put food on our table and keep a roof over our heads…well…that may be a little over the top.  How about this: I need new tires for the car and the van is….nope…still a bit of a stretch.  OK, I want to sell my art so I can afford a new fountain pen for my pen collection.  Yeah, that works.

The plan?  I am trolling for commissions, both private and corporate – your home, your store, your office, your boat, places you’ve visited, and more.  No subject is too big or too small.   (no pets or portraits).  I can provide a wide selection of media and sizes, and prices starting as low as $125,00 to fit your budget.

The following photos are representative of past commission.

Tudor house...watercolor...12x20

Christ Our King Church...watercolor...20x20

 Tower Hill School...watercolor...20x30

 Washington St. Barbers...watercolor...12x18

Herccules Tower...watercolor...30x30


Wilmington Library...watercolor...16x32

Looking for that very special gift?  Here it is, just an email or phone call away.

Happy September everyone.


William Renzulli

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