Sunday, November 11, 2012


Periodically I will browse through photos of old work to remind myself of how my work has evolved; it is a bit sobering to see that some of the older work is as good as, and occasionally better, than the newer stuff.  I imagine that is the case for many artists and craftsmen, regardless of their field.  In the five year history of this blog I think I've posted images of most of the work I have completed in the past 35 years.

Over the next several posts I will be showing some of my personal favorites.

 NYC Skyline...pastel...30x40...2000

Philadelphia Merchants Exchange...watercolor...20x30...early 1980s

Behind the Strand...watercolor...20x30...circa 1990

 Gray Smokestacks...pastel...20x30...circa 1995
Blues in the night...watercolor...30x40...early 1980s

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Katherine Thomas said...

That's a stunning array of artwork! I like the street scenes the best. I can't remember ever eating butternut squash, except when my mother used to mush it up like mashed potatoes, and I couldn't swallow it. Your recipe sounds very delicious, though. I'll have to buy one next time I go shopping!